Progressive Reggae-Rock with an Oriental Twist


26.01.2016 Renk magazin: -Reggae in Turkey
“They are playing for peace, love and passion for life”

06.11.2015 Majawadin Blog - 'Goulash by the Adriatic'
''During one of those lazy dusk days, we came across Melissa Lara Clissold, areincarnation of Janis Joplin. A Turkish Janis Joplin playing in Croatia to an international audience. The entire band shook the solar stage like a swaying leaf on a tree. No one could hold back to the grooves of  Zeytin.''

31.07.2015 ReggaeHR - 'Presenting Zeytin' Interview

22.07.2015 SoundReport - Goulash&Seasplash - dance, sweat, swim, repeat!
"The evening opened under the lights of Goulash Disko program - Turkish reggae rock band Zeytin and its captivating sounds made the public dance and prepared the ground for the evening headliners on Seasplash Festival main stage aka Mainsplash'"



25.02.2016 Dream TV – Genç-İz Programme



22.05.2015 Nomadjazzing Blog - Istanbul Voices Part 1&2&3

26.01.2016 Renk magazin: -Reggae in Turkey



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12.11.2015  Beton Orman ‘Zeytin’den yeni Sabır Kaydı’   
01.03.2016 Rock İstasyonu ‘Reggae Rock grubu Zeytin Sabır dedi’


Radyo Ödtü Kafa Sesi
02.09.2015 Rock FM Live with Melissa Lara Clissold
20.02.2016 Zeplin Radyo B!P